Back to school: Will this year be as good as years past?

The smell of freshly cut wood and paint fill the air.  Summer renovations are still underway.  No one is in sight.  The turtle tank and bags of supplies weigh heavy on my shoulders as I climb the stairs to the top floor.  Down the empty hallway I trudge.  How will it feel to be back in the classroom?  This year will be different as two of my children have graduated and my husband has taken a position at another school.  Will it feel empty or lonely or somehow less meaningful to me?

Mr. T back in the classroom, checking me out as always.

The first task is to get “Mr. T” settled. Then, the arrangement of my desk, shelves, and student tables needs to be addressed.  The cleaning team has relocated my desk and shelves and I decide to leave their arrangement.  “Change is good,” I think.

The first days are filled with meetings and planning while teachers try to squeeze in moments inside their classrooms to make preparations for next week.  Schedules, student needs, curriculum, orders, lesson plans.  Embraces.  Sharing of summer experiences.  It’s great to see colleagues.  Friendships.  Collaboration.  Invigoration through comradery found in common goals.  I’m energized

One morning while watching Mr. T ingest his food pellet, I reflect on the upcoming school year and a surge of happiness fills me.  Excitement and anticipation envelop me.  I’m so grateful that I truly enjoy my job and feel 100% eager for the coming school year.  Once again, it’s confirmed that teaching is where I belong.  Yes, this year will definitely be as good as years past and probably even better.

Wishing the same fulfilment to all returning teachers out there!  Make it a wonderful year!