Until July 6th no blogging: I'm in South Africa!!!

The final parent/student meeting fully attended.

Plans for meeting at the airport arranged.

Final discussions of PADI kits, where to get a wetsuit, medications, and telephones have taken place.

The Kit list has been checked off.

The bags are packed.

Tens of parent/student emails have been sent, including several pleas for emergency contact information.

Tomorrow a group of ten students and two teachers will meet at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport to begin our journey to Johannesburg, South Africa.  There we will meet the representatives from the Wallacea Opwall program and will be bussed to our location for two weeks of conservation courses, field work, and research. 

I will be keeping a daily record and will blog about it upon our return!

Until July 6th!  Happy and safe summer travels to all!