My high school senior class participated in an age-old tradition at the end of the year titled “senior ditch day”.   The school did not sanction it but everyone was part of it.  A group of us spent a sunny spring day at Six Flags.  It was fun and we felt ridiculously spontaneous, free, and rebellious. 

In the past years our school has offered a senior trip during trip week in which seniors planned their entire trip on their own.  Truthfully, it turned out to be more of a vacation than a school trip.  This year, in an effort to give more valuable IB time to the seniors, they were provided an “extended essay week” to work on their extended essay and other IB assignments.  They were promised something special after IB exams.

Paint Gun Girls

So, yesterday the 12th graders had their “senior day”.  They met for breakfast at the school and participated in a mini-graduation ceremony for two seniors who will not actually be here on graduation day.  Then, they were off for a vigorous game of paintball. Following lunch they were back at the soccer fields behind the school for a game of bumper soccer.  Apparently that proved to be 100% hilarious and fun was had by all.

Finally, the day ended with a barbecue at their homeroom teacher’s house.  An abundance of delicious food, a pool tournament, and mingling with friends and teachers ended the day perfectly.  Even we, the IB teachers enjoyed this event.  It seems to provide both a celebration and closure of high school while simultaneously looking forward to the future.

It wasn’t the historical “senior trip” but it was fun for the students and perhaps it will become a new tradition at the school.  What do you think?  Is there value in a “senior trip” or “senior day”?