"Chasing Ice", Global Warming, and Teenagers

To launch our Science Fair project on Global Warming we showed the 9th and 10th graders the film "Chasing Ice".  I could see their eyes glaze over when I used the word “documentary” to prep them for the experience.

However, that film is so captivating right from the beginning that they were instantly engaged.  Occasionally I’d scan the room to study their expressions as we were watching and their eyes seemed to never leave the screen.  I’ve seen it already three times and am still amazed myself watching it again. 

James Balog is an incredible human being with a passion for something meaningful.  The students clearly caught the idea of what that man is all about and were impressed.  His journey, determination, and work are inspiring.   The photography is stunning and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.   I highly recommend the film to everyone.  Additionally, the message that comes about from the photographical evidence is undeniable and definitely convincing. 

Later a student said to me, “That movie was SO AMAZING” as her face lit up with the pure excitement of sharing appreciation and discovery.  There is something so wonderful about having moments of equality with students in the shared joy of science.

"Chasing Ice"  for teenagers preparing for a unit on Global Warming?  Definitely a win.