Do I wish I had another job?

While I take zero stock in the results of such activities, I recently took one of those Facebook surveys titled “What Career Should you Actually Have?” My results?  Astronaut.  The description read, “You are an explorer.  You are curious about the world around you and the way it works.  You look at things closely, and often with a different perspective than anyone else.  You’re quite unique, lucky you.”  I’m laughing because I just watched the newly released footage of daredevil Felix Baumgartner as he jumps from 24.5 miles (39.4 km) in the sky.  The entire time I was thinking that I have no interest in doing anything even remotely related to that.  The idea of being enclosed in the space suit alone fills me with dread of claustrophobia.  So, my lack of consideration of those surveys was confirmed.  However, then I read the “Other occupations” suggested: researcher, teacher.  I’ve been a researcher and I am a teacher.  It’s true; a teacher does need to be ‘an explorer’ and to be ‘curious about the world around him’.  I especially feel strongly about the need for these characteristics in a science teacher.  But then I also realized that I just took a survey that told me I should actually have the job that I have!  And I do love my job.  I love the students.  I love my colleagues.   I love the daily routine that isn’t routine.  I love how I feel energized by what I do.  I love keeping myself abreast of the “newest” in Science.  I love learning and exploring more about pedagogy and assessment.  It is, indeed, a wonderful way to spend one’s days and I don't ever think I should have taken another path.