Extracurricular Activities

Research Expedition to Costa Rica with Ecology Project International

Scheduled June 28 - July 10, 2015.  We will be studying the nesting sites of leatherback and sea turtles in Costa Rica.


Research Expedition to South Africa with Operation Opwall

Student identifying and counting species in South Africa

Successful research expedition to South Africa completed with ten students June 21 - July 5, 2014. Students participate in conservation work in the bush accompanied by an educational program in ecology. Additionally, they earned their diving certification and participated in marine ecology.

I am leading the Going Green initiative at our School .  Here students perform the Garbage Audit.  We aim to lower the carbon footprint at the school with a variety of changes at the school.


Going Green Initiative at both AISR and AISJ:

I was part of helping two schools become committed to becoming a green school.  We coordinated a student group, outside environmental consultants, the business office to conduct a multi-year plan leading the school towards sustainability.  Activities included a garbage audit (to be planned yearly), a mug wall to reduce plastic waste, energy reduction campaigns (i.e. lights out Fridays), education in lower school and in parent community, fund-raising for implementing various green initiatives (recycling, solar panels, green roof).


CanSat Competition:

I sponsored a group of students in an international competition with the European Space Agency.  They constructed a satellite that fit inside a soda can.  It was launched in this rocket at the Andoya Rocket Range in Norway.  The satellite collected data during its decent back to the Earth's surface. 

Students submitted a research proposal to the European Space Agency to complete two missions from a launched satellite.  Their proposal was accepted and the competition culminated in Norway with a rocket launch of their satellite.